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Upcoming Speaking Events

Dr. Duckett is available to speak before businesses, organizations,
religious centers, and groups on a variety of topics:

  • How the Economy Affects our Brains
  • Creating a Better Version of Yourself
  • Upgrading Life to the Next Level
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Improving Profits With Simple Statistics
  • Improving Work Ethics
  • Thriving When The Economy is Diving
  • Creating Self-Managed Employees
  • Surviving As An Executive
  • The Game of Business
  • Properly Receiving Input to Increase Output
  • Prioritizing Projects
  • Awakening The Best In You and Your Company
  • Reestablishing The Power Of Your Business
  • Increasing Your Market Share in the 21st Century
  • Improving Advertising Results Using Archetypes
  • Improving Production From The Inside-Out
  • Finding Your Company's Unique Marketing Advantage
  • Motivating Employees From The Inside-Out 

Respected as one of the top Social Scientist Living today,
Dr. Michael J. Duckett's discoveries are helping companies
rise to new levels of success--even during slow economic times.

                                    2013 Planned Seminars

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Dr. Michael J. Duckett, is considered the "How to Guy" because he supports people in understanding and applying scientifically proven systems to reconnect with life and increase their rank of success to the next level. His world acclaimed programs have been proven by thousands of people and businesses. Dr. Duckett's Upgrading Life Technology focuses on improving businesses bottom line.

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Visit Professional Income Solutions and Dr. Michael J. Duckett's other websites for additional information on some of his programs for personal growth as well:  Enjoy over 50 FREE videos of Dr. Michael J. Duckett's important life and business lessons.

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Purpose Whether you're a company or an individual, your momentum is determined by specific things which are purpose, overcoming fear, breaking the money barriers, and communication. Dr. Michael J. Duckett teaches how to intensify your purpose and achieve results quickly. Professional Income Solutions help individuals and businesses to establish a purpose for their lives and businesses. Professional Income Solutions is a company that stays on purpose of helping others to bring clarity out of the confusion.

Publishing One of the best, and most credible ways for a business or person to market themselves is publishing a book. Hyper Publishing Company, which is a sister company of Professional Income Solutions, is designed to help you publish a great book easily. Professional Income Solutions clients have found an easy way to expand their message by publishing a book with Hyper Publishing Company.

Health Dr. Michael J Duckett knows the importance of health to everyone. Dr. Duckett opened 20 Dollar Chiropractic to expand healthcare at an affordable price by eliminating insurance companies. Dr. Duckett uses the exact same principles he teaches clients in Professional Income Solutions to run all of his businesses and that includes 20 Dollar Chiropractic as well.

Upgrading Everyone who wants more out of life needs to be in a constant state of upgrading life to the next level. If you're not upgrading life, your life will be in a state of degrading. Upgrading Life is a company with over 150 books and programs that focus on upgrading life in all six key areas. Professional Income Solutions uses all of Dr. Michael J. Duckett's programs from Upgrading Life to assist clients in the expansion process of business.

Fear The more you find yourself overcoming fear, the more you will find professional income solutions. Dr. Michael J. Duckett is an expert on many subjects to include overcoming fear. Professional Income Solutions bases everything on Overcoming Fear and moving forward and focusing on your desired results. If you want to become active with Professional Income Solutions, you will first need to address your fear.

Money Over eons of time, people have said they don't have enough money to survive because they aren't breaking the money barriers. Now you can quickly join the many thousands of people who are breaking their money barriers with Dr. Michael J. Duckett's book on the subject. Professional Income Solutions guide people in breaking the money barriers to reach new levels in upgrading life and business. When you are breaking your money barriers, you will automatically find professional income solutions.