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Dr. Michael J. Duckett

                              Our Impassioned Leader

As a social scientist, author, and speaker, Dr. Michael J. Duckett studied the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect achievement on personal and professional levels—called the Mental Codes®. Through extensive research, Dr. Duckett discovered that life and success have definite Mental Code patterns, and he formed a number of these patterns into a program called, Upgrading Life to the Next Level. These life technologies are unprecedented, and will quickly bring positive, effective changes to a person’s life, career, or business. Michael has established another reputation in addition to Master of Success—that of being one of the most dynamic educators today.

The popularity of Dr. Duckett’s discoveries, books, and seminars continues to grow because Upgrading Your Life to the Next Level takes complex ideas and distills them into simple, workable programs that are easy to do and produce results. The simplicity of these programs has attracted a great deal of international attention, leading to interviews on many television, radio, and other media programs in the United States and abroad. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in improving your business, finances, personal happiness, or an array of other topics—Dr. Duckett's Upgrading Your Life to the Next Level Technologies will produce results for you!

Thousands of people around the world are claiming, Dr. Duckett’s books and seminars have changed their lives and businesses.

A successful entrepreneur and avid student, Michael holds advanced degrees in multiple disciplines including Business, Theology, Chiropractic, and Law. He has lived and studied in many parts of the world, and is an international author, speaker, and trainer in high demand by individuals, groups, and corporations. Dr. Duckett’s high energy and enthusiasm around his work is contagious and creates a “magnetic” attraction with his audiences.

Some of Dr. Duckett's popular books are:

The Mental Codes®Overcoming Thoughts That Keep You Stuck in Life,
Breaking the Money Barriers
Infinite Riches
Riqueza Infinitas (Spanish)
Breaking the Fear Barriers
Riding Your Dragon to Riches—Creating Good Luck All the Time (China)
Riding Your Golden Bird to Riches—A Prosperity Book For the Indian Soul (India)
Six Keys to Balancing Life
Breaking the Depression Barriers
Creating the Time of Your Life
Simple Stock Market, and many others.

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Purpose Whether you're a company or an individual, your momentum is determined by specific things which are purpose, overcoming fear, breaking the money barriers, and communication. Dr. Michael J. Duckett teaches how to intensify your purpose and achieve results quickly. Professional Income Solutions help individuals and businesses to establish a purpose for their lives and businesses. Professional Income Solutions is a company that stays on purpose of helping others to bring clarity out of the confusion.

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Health Dr. Michael J Duckett knows the importance of health to everyone. Dr. Duckett opened 20 Dollar Chiropractic to expand healthcare at an affordable price by eliminating insurance companies. Dr. Duckett uses the exact same principles he teaches clients in Professional Income Solutions to run all of his businesses and that includes 20 Dollar Chiropractic as well.

Upgrading Everyone who wants more out of life needs to be in a constant state of upgrading life to the next level. If you're not upgrading life, your life will be in a state of degrading. Upgrading Life is a company with over 150 books and programs that focus on upgrading life in all six key areas. Professional Income Solutions uses all of Dr. Michael J. Duckett's programs from Upgrading Life to assist clients in the expansion process of business.

Fear The more you find yourself overcoming fear, the more you will find professional income solutions. Dr. Michael J. Duckett is an expert on many subjects to include overcoming fear. Professional Income Solutions bases everything on Overcoming Fear and moving forward and focusing on your desired results. If you want to become active with Professional Income Solutions, you will first need to address your fear.

Money Over eons of time, people have said they don't have enough money to survive because they aren't breaking the money barriers. Now you can quickly join the many thousands of people who are breaking their money barriers with Dr. Michael J. Duckett's book on the subject. Professional Income Solutions guide people in breaking the money barriers to reach new levels in upgrading life and business. When you are breaking your money barriers, you will automatically find professional income solutions.